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Resource Guides: Description

The Resource Guide is a comprehensive annual guide full of facts, figures, charts, graphs, and vital information about your community. The user-friendly format is oriented toward home buyers, new residents, investors, and business owners. For Sample Covers and Content details included in the Resource Guide, see below.

Resource Guides: Sample Covers

Resource Guide
Community 2 cover_Page_11
NY cover_Page_12
So FL 1cover_Page_09
NJ cover_Page_02
So FL 2 cover_Page_08
Community 1 cover_Page_10
Dallas Cover-jpg
Miami cover_Page_03
NVA cover_Page_05
FL cover_Page_06
SC cover_Page_01
Minneapolis Resource Guide
NC cover_Page_04
Oahu Resource Guide
Cook County Cover-jpg
Chicago cover_Page_07
Fort Worth Cover-jpg
Napa Valley

Click on any image to see the full cover.

Resource Guides: Details of Content

Facts & Figures topics:

  • Employment

  • Population

  • Real Estate

  • Land Use

  • Taxes

  • Weather

  • Tourism

  • Agriculture

  • Construction

  • Special Industry (such as film, wineries, etc.)

  • Key Regional & Local Contact Information

  • Resources: Data Sources, including Links, etc.

Note: Content categories may vary based on the uniqueness of a particular geographical location.

Included Directories:

  • Government

  • Relocation

  • New Business

  • Schools

  • Visitor Information

  • Health & Wellness


  • Full-Color throughout

  • Printed on high-quality glossy paper stock, for a professional look & feel, providing you credibility & long-lasting visibility

  • Only you appear in your Resource Guide

  • Size: Magazine format (~ 8.5" x 11.0"), 20 pages total, including Covers

Sample Interior Content Pages

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