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Resource Guides: What Do I Put on My Custom Branded Pages?

Your Custom Branded Resource Guide gives you the way to tell your story to the world.

Below are examples and ideas on how you can use your Custom Branded Pages effectively to communicate the uniqueness of you and/or your company:

Front Cover & Back Cover

Front Cover:

  • Use a striking icon/landmark image(s) of your locale, branded with your individual name and/or company name and logo to associate you and/or your firm with your community.

  • Use any of our standard pre-designed covers — at no charge — or we will provide design specifications for you/your artist to create a brand-consistent design.

Back Cover:

  • The branded Back Cover can be a "wrap-around" continuation of the Front Cover image and/or

  • Useful tools or other information, such as: a detailed map of your area; contact information & photo with company brand/logo; office locations; team roster; etc.

Inside Front Cover & Inside Back Cover

Inside Front Cover:

  • You can use a Welcome Letter and/or a

  • Profile / About Us / Deeper Look section* introducing individual(s) and/or your company with photos and your brand, approach, principles, uniqueness, history, who you are, what you do, whom you do it for, etc.

Inside Back Cover:

  • You can feature what is unique and special about you and/or a Value-Added Offer* plus location details and/or include an area for note-taking or a Deeper Look* into who you are and why you are different and better.

  • You can tell your clients all about your offer/value-added product/service and the benefits each provides to them. For more info on your Profile, a Deeper Look, and your Value-Added Offer, see Marketing Workshop* below .

*Marketing Workshop

Answering the questions below will help you develop the content for your own Resource Guide.

Profile/About Us

Tell your clients all about you:

  • Who we are (including all contact info).

  • What we do (our product/service).

  • Who we do it for (our customer's description).

A Deeper Look

You can answer deeper questions your clients may have about you:

  • What are the issue(s)/concern(s) that most people who buy our product/service "do not know" or "are surprised to learn" about our product/service?

  • What are the relevant/important issues to know before making a buying decision?

  • What does our customer want to "experience" or "avoid" when using our product/service?

  • What are our customer’s financial considerations; performance concerns; reputation issues; motivation factors; etc.?


Tell your clients all about:

Your Offer/Value-Added Product/Service & the Benefits each provides to them:

To help our customers (broadly defined) make the best decision possible, we offer/provide: 

[name/nature of Offer/Value-Added Product/Service**, etc.] which delivers these [Benefits].

**What can your Offer/Value-Added Product/Service contain?

An Offer/Value-Added Product/Service can include any information that helps your customer make an informed buying decision that justifies doing business with you.

Be sure to tie a Benefit to each Offer/Value-Added Product/Service you provide. 

That is, be sure to answer what each Offer/Value-Added Product/Service:

    • Does for your customer or

    • Means to your customer.

To help you create your own Offer/Value-Added Product/Service, a checklist follows of possible Offer/Value-Added Product/Service items/subject matters

(use as appropriate for your particular Product/Service and potential buyers).

Do's & Don'ts List

"Top 10" List


News stories





Examples of Savings


Buyer's Guide

Association Memberships

Awards Received

Special Reports/Books

Client Lists

Compliance Checklists

Facts & Figures

Product Demos

Price Quotes

Service Quotes

Standards Lists

Test/Lab Results

Rewards Program

Discount Coupons/Promo Codes

Other: Offer that is unique to you/your company

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